My work originated in my academic study and evolved out of my travels throughout the world as professional runner. This allowed me to have individual experiences according to each different place I visited inside and outside of Mexico. Similarly, my stays in the United States let me be part of Mexican culture in this country where newborn identities among Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans has become a very turbulent topic. 

Describing a subject as “Mexican” is vague and becomes problematic in today’s politically charged climate. Therefore, my work explores the stereotypical concepts of Mexicans, Latinos and Hispanics with the purpose of informing the viewer about the truly multifaceted reality of being “Mexican” and their role in the community. 

By merging realistic painting and vibrant flat spaces, my body of work portrays the borderless quality of “present day Mexican”. I have created portraits of contemporary individuals that incorporate the economic, political, and cultural topics that Mexican people love and breathe everyday. These can be seen in their clothing and accessories that “define” each individual.